From PARKER IN AMERICA 1630 - 1910 by Augustus G. Parker, Buffalo, N.Y. published in 1910.


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In 1905 a writer over the initials of W. H. M. A., contributed a series of articles to the Boston Transcript relating to the genealogy of four of five bros. who were early in America, and whose descendants are now numerous. Through the kindness of Wm. A. Parker, then of Kansas City, Mo., now St. Joseph, Mo., the articles were sent to the compiler of this work, who gives them space because of the convenience it will be for descendants to obtain the genealogy of their remote ancestry:


{Started in 15 Mar 1905 issue of  Boston Transcript as Note *694 and continues intermittently throughout 1905 as various “Parts” to this Note.}


{Part I. Parker of Chelmsford and Groton.}


In the early settlement of Chelmsford and Billerica, Mass., appeared five men of the name of Parker—namely, Abraham, Jacob, James, Joseph, John. Most of them were bros. and it is believed all were thus related. At least two of their number had previously resided at Woburn.

John settled in Billerica with the first of its pioneers and until his death, June 14, 1667, was the leading man of the town. He left a wid., Mary, who had formerly been wid. of John Poulter. She m., third, April 19, 1674, Thomas Chamberlain. John Parker left no chn., but descendants of his bros. were numerous. The writer has often had occasion to investigate this family, and except for what is given of certain branches in Butler‘s “Groton” in over-concise form, and with some erroneous connections, the lack of information in print has necessitated recourse to

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original records. An effort is here made to account for the first three generations with some degree of system for the benefit of all who are interested. In doing this, examination has been made of town and probate records, together with over 500 deeds. These efforts should lead to a considerable degree of accuracy, and nearly all members of that period are accounted for, but some things are lacking, and it is earnestly requested that those who can supply additions and corrections will send them to the Transcript.

The early Parkers were a fine, prominent and interesting family, and they deserve more attention than they have, heretofore, received. In this article the bros. and their descendants are divided into separate groups as follows: First, Abraham, second Jacob, third James, fourth Joseph.


Group I:


ABRAHAM PARKER is first found in Woburn, where he m. and where four of his chn. were b. As early as 1655, he rem, to the new town of Chelmsford where he thenceforth lived and where he d., Aug. 12, 1685. He m., Nov. 18, 1644, Rose Whitlock. She d. Nov. 30 (or 13), 1691. Both left wills and from these clear information may be derived. Chn.:

Ann, b. Oct. 29, 1645; probably d. early.

John, b. Oct. 30, 1647.

Abraham, b. Mch. 8, 1650; d. Oct. 20, 1651.

Abraham, b. Aug. --, 1652.

Mary, b. Nov. 20, 1655; m. James(2) Parker [Cap. James(1)].

Moses, date of birth not found.

Isaac, b. Sept. 13, 1660.

Elizabeth, b. Apl. 10, 1663; m. James Pierce of Woburn.

Lydia, bap. Feb. 18, 1665-6; m. John Kidder of Chelmsford.

Jacob, b. Mch. 24, 1669; probably d. early.




JOHN(2) [Abraham(1)] res. in Chelmsford. He m., June 4, 1678, Mary, dau. of Cap. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Poulter) Danforth. Cap. Danforth was the eminent land surveyor of Billerica—and his w. was dau. of wid. Mary Poulter who m. the uncle of the subject of this sketch, as before mentioned. John d. Apl. 14, 1699. Mary was administratrix of his estate; administration on her own estate was granted May 15, 1732. Chn.:

John, called the eldest s.

Elizabeth, b. May 30, 1680, probably unm. in 1731.

Jonathan, b. Jan. 2, 1683. (He d. before Mch. 17, 1723-4, when his sis. Elizabeth sold her rights in his estate to their bro. John, which seems safe evidence that he was unm.; but see what is said below of their bro. Samuel.)

Thomas, b. Dec. 18, 1685.

Samuel, b. Mch. 10, 1687-8 (Middlesex deed 27—293, is the sale by Elizabeth, sis. of Jonathan and Samuel, of her rights in their estate, Mch. 17, 1723-4. Op­posed to the natural inference that neither was m. is the fact that one Samuel, by w. Sarah, had a s., Jonas, b. in Chelmsford, April 9, 1712. What Samuel was this if not the above? Was he one of the Reading Parkers?)

Mary, b. April 4, 1690; m. Samuel Woods.

Anna, b. April 30, 1692; m. Thomas Crosby.

Lydia, b. April 13, 1694; m. Henry Blaisdell.

Josiah, b. Jan. 10, 1696-7; d. Jan. 20, 1698.


ABRAHAM(2) [Abraham(1)] res. in Chelmsford, and after 1701 in Bradford, Essex Co. He m., July 15, 1682, Martha, dau. of John Livermore of Watertown. He d. Oct 13, 1732; she d. Oct. 26, 1740. The last two dates are from the “Livermore Genealogy.” He seems to have settled his own estate by deeding his property to his sons. Chn.:

Daniel, b. July 15, 1683.

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A child, b. July 3, 1687. (What was its name?)

Abraham, birth not found.

Lydia, b. July 11, 1691.

Grace, b. May 27, 1693.

Samuel, b. April 30, 1700; d. April 29(?), 1700. Is this an error of date, or were there two Samuels?


MOSES(2) [Abraham(1)], lived in Chelmsford and d. there Oct. 12, 1732. He m., June 19, 1684, Abigail, dau. of Richard Hildreth. Chn.:

Abigail, b. May 8, 1685, m. Apl. 6, 1721—as a second w.—Benjamin Adams.

Moses, b. Nov. 24, 1686, “killed with thunder,” July 28, 1702.

Aaron, b. Apl. 9, 1689.

Elizabeth, b. Dec. 26, 1691; m. Ebenezer(3), Parker [Thomas(2), Jacob(1)].

Joseph, b. Mch. 25, 1693-4.

Benjamin, b. Apl. 14, 1696; perhaps d. young.

Mary, b. Sept. 6, 1698; m. Benjamin Chamberlain.


ISAAC(2) [Abrahnm(1)] was of Chelmsford, and d. Feb. 22, 1688-89. He m. Apl. 11, 1681, Esther, dau. of William Fletcher. She was administratrix and herself d. before Jan. 24, 1694-5, when bond was given for the joint settlement of her estate and Isaac‘s. The Probate papers would indicate that she d. retaining the name of Parker, but it is believed she was the Esther Parker who m. James Proctor Dec. 3, 1691. This Esther d. Dec. 6, 1693. Chn.:

Lydia, birth not found.

Isaac, b. July 26, 1685.

Esther, b. Nov. 13, 1686.


{Part II}



JOHN(3) [John(2), Abraham(1)] res. in Chelmsford, d. Feb. 20, 1741-42. The settlement of his estate mentions chn.: John, Jonathan, Jacob and Samuel. He m. Rebecca ____, who d. Feb. 21, 1741-42. Chn.:

John, b. Jan. 13, 1711-12; probably m. Hannah ____, (and d. about 1763, leaving chn. Ephraim, Oliver, Isaac and Hannah.)

Jonathan, b. June 2, 1714; probably m. Joanna ____ and d. about 1745.

Rebecca, b. June 22, 1719.

Jacob, b. Dec. 15, 1720; m. Rachel ____, and d. about 1756, after which his wid. m. John Spaulding.

Samuel, b. June 1, 1723.

William b. Jan. 26, 1725-6; d. Jan. 27, 1739.

Isaac, b. Nov. 14, 1728; d. Feb. 17, 1741-2.


THOMAS(3) [John(2), Abraham(1)] lived in Chelmsford. He m. Esther ____. More information as to himself and family is needed. Chn.:

Esther, b. Oct. 26, 1711.

Esther, b. Oct. 26, 1712 (probably a repetition).

Anna, b. June 11, 1715.

Thomas, b. Aug. 24, 1717.

Josiah, b. Dec. 19, 1721.


DANIEL(3) and ABRAHAM(3) [Abraham(2), Abraham(1)] were both of Essex county. The former purchased land in 1713 in Salisbury. His bro. Abraham remained in Bradford; m. Elizabeth Bradstreet, and d. Feb. 14, 1762, a. 76. She d. May 23, 1753, a. 64. His will, executed Sept. 15, 1757, and proved Mch. 15, 1762, mentions his sons Nathaniel, Abraham and Bradstreet, and daus. Elizabeth, w. of Job Tyler, and Hannah, w. of Daniel Thurston. Who will give the record of these two bros. in full?


AARON(3) [Moses(2), Abraham(1)] was of Chelmsford in that part of town which became Westford. He m. in Concord, Aug. 13, 1712, Abigail Winship. Samuel and Mary (Poulter) Winship, had a dau. Abigail, and Mary who

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m. Isaac Powers, a native of Concord, for her second husband. {She (Mary) was a niece of the Elizabeth Poulter who married Jonathan Danforth. (See sketch of John(2) Parker, Abraham(1).)}

        When did Aaron Parker die? Chn.:

Aaron, b. Aug. 19, 1713.

Samuel, b. Jan. 1, 1717.

Moses, b. May 16, 1718.

Abigail, b. Oct. 17, 1720.

Mary, b. Oct. 20, 1723.

Lucy, b. Jan. 11, 1725-6.

Elizabeth, b. Feb. 28, 1728.

Isaac, b. May 20, 1731.

Joseph, b. Jan. 21, 1735.

Esther, b. 1738.

(The last three chn. are not of my finding, but from a genealogy.)


JOSEPH(3) [Moses(2), Abraham(1)] res. in Chelmsford. He m. Rebecca, probably dau. of Wm. Fletcher. His will executed Apl. 25, 1738, was filed June 26 after. Final settlement of his estate was long delayed and the receipts of the heirs give clear light as to the marriage of each. Chn.:

Rebecca, birth not found; m. William Butterfield.

Sarah, b. Apl. 6, 1722; d. Feb. 4, 1729-30.

Joanna, b. May 8, 1724; living in 1746.

Esther, b. July 25, 1726; m. (1) Obadiah Emerson; (2) Samuel Adams.

Joseph, b. Nov. 16, 1728.

Moses, b. May 13, 1731.

Bridget, b. Apl. 16, 1734; unm. in 1758.

Mary, b. May 12, 1738; m. Ephriain Warren, Jr.


ISAAC(3) [Isaac(2), Abraham(1)]. If no mistake is made in his history, he early went to Groton. The Concord town records show the m. there, Dec. 16, 1708, of Isaac Parker and Ruth Blood, both of Groton. An Isaac, who had a w. Ruth, and whose res. is given as Swansea, sold, May 12, 1710, land in Chelmsford, “which belonged to my f., Isaac Parker.” Unless there were two Isaacs, who each had a w. Ruth, all this refers to one couple and Swansea was only a temporary res., for the chn. are recorded at Groton. The Shattuck Genealogy gives a different parentage to Isaac, but the evidence seems unchallengeable for the belief that there was but one Isaac, and he has himself given his f., name as above. He had a dau., Esther, and that was the name of his mo. He had a s., Abraham, which was the name of his grf. After a long res. in Groton, he rem. to Charlestown, N.H., where he was a prominent citizen and where, too, he was captured by Indians and held prisoner for several months. Chn., recorded at Groton:

Isaac, b. Mch. 7, 1709; m. Mary ____.

William, b. Aug. 19, 1710; m. Susanna Kemp.

Thomas, b. Sept. 24, 1712.

Esther, b. Sept. 24, 1714.

Ruth, b. July 2, 1716; probably m. Joseph Sanderson.

Nathaniel, b. Feb. 25, 1717-18; m. Eleanor Walker.

David, b. Feb. 20, 1719-20.

Anna, b. Nov. 9, 1721.

Abraham, b. Sept. 24, 1726; probably m. Lois Blood, Mch. 16, 1749.


Group II.: {Parker of Chelmsford and Groton.}


JACOB PARKER, bro. of the first Abraham of Group I., settled in Chelmsford as early as 1656. He was town clerk and held the rank of sergeant. He d. before Apl. 6, 1669, when an inventory of his estate was rendered. His w. was Sarah ____. She seems to have been the Sarah Parker, who m. Aug. 4, 1675, Cap. John Wait of Malden. Her s. Jacob Parker of Malden sold his f.‘s home­stead, with a few acres of land, May 17, 1682, (deed 9-20) and, (deed 29-259), Nov. 5, 1713, Sarah Howard, Stephen Pierce and w. Tabitha, and Ebenezer Parker

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—all of Chelmsford—and John Flood (or Floyd) and w. Rachel; Thomas Wait and w. Mary, and Thomas Parker—all of Malden—and Rebecca Danforth of Billerica, sold to “our brother” Benjamin Parker of Chelmsford their rights in a meadow in Chelmsford, known as Robin Hill meadow, formerly the property of Jacob Parker of the town aforesaid. The phraseology of this deed would seem to show that there was a son Ebenezer, but it is not believed that such was the case. The Thomas Parker who signed the deed was s. of Jacob(2), deceased, and it is safe to think that Ebenezer was s. of Thomas(2), deceased; in other words, Jacob(2) and Thomas(2), being deceased, each was represented by his eldest s. Chn.:

Jacob b. about 1652.

Sarah, b. {Jan.} 14, 1653; m. Nathaniel Howard.

Thomas, b. Mch. 28, 1656.

Tabitha, b. Feb. 28, 1658; m. Stephen Peirce.

        Rebecca, b. May 29, 1661; m. (1) Jonathan Danford, and (2), after 17177 Joseph Foster.

Benjamin, b. Aug. 8, 1663.

Rachel, b. Mch. 9, 1664-65; m. John Floyd.

Mary, b. Sept. 8, 1667; m. Thomas Wait.






JACOB(2) [Jacob(1)] early rem. from Chelmsford to Malden, where, in 1683, he purchased land of Abraham Hill. He d. Oct. 31, 1694, a. 42, and Mch. 30, 1695-6, his s. Thomas “a. about sixteen years,” chose a guardian. He m. Joanna, dau. of Thomas and Joanna (Sheperdson) Call. She m. (2), Apl. 22, 1696, Lieut. John Stearns, and she d. Dec. 4, 1737. Two important deeds belong here. The first is Middlesex 15-42, under date of July 9, 1709:

     John Stearns of Billerica and w. Joanna, for £15 to be paid to Joanna Stearns, their dau., at marriage or at a. of 18, by Thomas Parker of Malden, Jacob Parker of Boston, Benjamin Parker of Dedham, and John Parker of Cambridge, sons of the said Joanna, w. of John Stearns, for this sum the grantors yield their rights in land, etc., left by their “honorable father, Thomas Call,” and also in such lots as were laid out to Joanna, when she was wid. to Jacob Parker. The second deed, Middlesex 39-300, under Apl. 14, 1738, is one whereby Jacob Parker of Boston, Benjamin Parker of Medford, and Benjamin Farley and w. Joanna of Dunstable, “relatives of Jacob Parker, late of Malden deceased,” sell to Thomas Parker of Malden, “all rights which belonged to our grf., Thomas Call, and our f., Jacob Parker, late of Malden, deceased.” There is also mention of “our mo., Joanna Stearns, deceased.” As no record of birth of Jacob’s chn. has been found, these deeds supply the names otherwise lacking. Whether the Joanna, w. of Benjamin Farley, who was one of the grantors, was the dau. of Jacob or, as seems more likely the Joanna b. to her mo. by John Stearns, has not been learned. Jacob ‘s known chn. were Thomas, b. about 1681, Jacob, John, and Benjamm.


     THOMAS(2) [Jacob(1)] res. in Chelmsford where he d. May 8, 1698. He m. Oct. 21, 1678, Mary, dau. of William and Lydia (Bates) Fletcher. His estate was divided among the wid., eldest s. Ebenezer and other chn.: Mary, Sarah, William and Rachel. The wid. was living in 1709. Chn.:

Thomas, birth not found; d. July 7, 1684.

Mary, b. Nov. 26, 1684; probably m., Dec. 18, 1707, Benjamin(2) Adams [Cap. Samuel(1)]. He did marry one Mary Parker on that date, and the fact that when in 1709 the wid. of Thomas Parker was cited by the probate judge to come before him and say whether she accepted the “third” set off to her from her husband’s estate, one Benjamin Adams appeared as her representative.

Sarah, b. Mch. 13, 1686.

Benoni, b. Feb. 2, 1690; d. Aug. 28, 1694.

Ebenezer, b. Dec. 17, 1690.

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William, b. Dec. 21, 1692.

Rachel, b. Nov. 6, 1695.


BENJAMIN (2) [Jacob (1)] lived in Chelmsford. He seems to have been the Benjamin “senior,” who d. Apl. 14, 1742. He m. Sarah, dau. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Willard) Howard. Chn.:

Sarah, b. Oct. 1, 1691.

Mary, b. May 3, 1694.

Rebecca, b. Feb. 28, 1697.

Benjamin, b. Sept. 12, 169--.

Tabitha, b. Feb. __, ____.

Henry, b. __ 21, 1705.

Jonathan, b. Aug. 1, 1709.

Mutilated records account for the above imperfect dates.




THOMAS(3) [Jacob(2), .Jacob(1)] was of Malden. He d. July 31, 1760, a. 79. He m., Dec. 31, 1702, Rebecca, dau. of Jonathan and Rebecca (Parker) Danforth, his cousin, who d. Dec. 20, 1758, a. 75. His will mentions his sons, Thomas, David, Jacob, John, and Benjamin, and daus., Joanna Dexter, Rebecca Buckman, Rachel Lynde and Esther Harnden. Chn.:

Rebecca, b. Oct. 25, 1703; d. young.

Thomas, b. Oct. 31, 1705; m. Mary, dau. of James Upham.

Jacob, b. Jan. 9, 1707-8, and living in 1759.

David, b. May 22, 1710; m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Upham.

John, b. Oct. 29, 1712, and living in 1759. Who was the John and w. Mary, of Windham, Conn., who sold, in 1746, (Middlesex deed 46-622) her rights in the estate of her f., Nathaniel Cutter, late of Charlestown?

Joanna, b. Apl. 18, 1715 (w. of ____ Dexter in 1759; but who is the Joanna who m. Thomas Lynde, Oct. 27, 1735?).

Benjamin, b. Apl. 10, 1717, whose history is uncertain.

Rebecca, b. May 8, 1719; m. Benjamin Buckman.

Rachel (twin), b. May 8, 1719; m. Jabez Lynde.

Esther, b. Aug. 8, 1721; m. John Harnden.


JACOB(3) [Jacob(2), Jacob(1)] was of Boston in 1709 and in 1738. A deed in 1738 calls him a bricklayer, and Nov. 22, 1754, administration was granted on the estate of Dea. Jacob Parker of Boston, bricklayer. He was doubtless the Jacob of Boston who m. Ursula Eaton of Cambridge, Apl. 29, 1708, for one Jacob of Boston, mason, with w. Ursula, sold to Samuel Eaton, June 12, 1717, (Suffolk deed 31-243). He res. on Union St. He united with Brattle St. Church Aug. 7, 1709, as did his w. Ursula, Apl. 2, 1710. Only two of their chn. are found on the town records, but all were duly bap. in the above church. Chn.:

Rebecca, b. Feb. 25, 1708-9; bap. Mch. 6, 1708-9.

Ursula, b. Feb. 14, 1710-11; bap. Feb. 18.

Jacob, bap. Mch. 8, 1713.

Rebecca, bap. Mch. 7. 1714.

John, bap. June 26, 1714 (?).

Ursula, bap. Feb. 5, 1716.

Jacob, bap. Sept. 29, 1717, a. one week.

Jacob, bap. Mch. 12, 1721, a. one week.

Joanna, bap. Mch. 29, 1724.

It is not easy to explain the baptisms of the second Rebecca and John so near together unless they were twins, and the baptism of John was delayed for some reason; but this is unlikely. There was another Jacob in Boston, who by w. Ann had chn. b. in 1704, 1706 and 1709, but it is not found that he was connected with the Brattle St. Church; yet the chn. named above are recorded with the name of

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one parent only, that of the f., and it cannot be asserted that all were the chn. of Jacob and Ursula. {Who can tell more of this family?}


        JOHN(3) [Jacob(2), Jacob(1)] was in Cambridge in 1709 (Middlesex deed 15-42 {before quoted}), but when in 1738 his bros. joined in a deed (Middlesex 39-300) he was not mentioned. One John, of Cambridge m., Dec. 20, 1711, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Hancock, and d. Nov. 2, 1712, a. 22 years, 9 months, 11 days.


        BENJAMIN(3) [Jacob(2), Jacob(1)] was of Dedham 1709 and Medford 1738. He m., April 22, 1714, Mary, dau. of Stephen Willis. His will executed Mch. 17, 1759, and proved Nov. 16, 1761, mentions nine chn. of his bro. Thomas Parker; also the testator‘s niece, Rebecca Coffin of Boston, and Mary Patten, spinster, as beneficiaries.


        EBENEZER(3) [Thomas(2), Jacob(1)] res. in Chelmsford. He m. at Concord, Aug. 13, 1712, Elizabeth(3) Parker [Moses(2), Abraham(1)], and (2) Ruth ____, who survived him. His will was drawn Oct. 21, 1773, and filed July 1, 1774. He bequeathed to w. Ruth, his gr. sons William and Silas Parker, daus. Elizabeth Wright, Sarah Senter, Rachel Spaulding and Olive Gould; gr.-chn., unamed chn. of his dau. Lucy Barron, deceased, and to chn. of his dau. Mary Harwood. Chn.:

Elizabeth, b. Apl. 3, 1713; m. ____ Wright.

Lucy, b. Feb. 24, 1714-5; m. Moses Barron.

-   Mary, b. Jan. 14, 1716-7; m. Jonathan Harwood.

Thomas, b. May 25, 1718.

Ebenezer, b. June 4, 1720.

Sarah, b. Nov. 14, 1722; m. John Senter.

Rachel, b. July 21, 1725; m. ____ Spaulding.

William, b. Nov. 18, 1727, (d. in 1772, between Feb. 7 and July 7, leaving a wid. Sarah and chn., William, Silas, and Sarah).

Olive, birth not found; m. Ebenezer Gould.


BENJAMIN(3) [Benjamin(2), Jacob(1)] had land from his f. in Chelmsford in 1728, and was probably the man who m. Elizabeth ____, and had chn. in that town, and probably the same whose estate was settled in 1771. Chn.:

    Benjamin, b. Mch. 26, 1723.

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 18, 1725.

Ruth, b. Oct. 2, 1729.

David, b. Mch. 19, 1731-2; probably m. Lucy, dau. of Jonathan Barrett.

Philip, b. July 19, 1734; m. Anna Osgood (?)

and perhaps other chn.


JONATHAN(3) [Benjamin(2), Jacob(1)] was probably the Jonathan who m. Rachel ____, and res. in Chelmsford. His will drawn Mch. 28, 1765, was proved Dec. 5, 1769, mentions w. Rachel and the following named chn.:

Willard, the administrator


Sarah, b. Nov. 13, 1735, seems to have m. Moses Parker

Rachel. m. Zaccheus Wright

Tabitha, b. Sept. 8, 1741, m. Samuel Stephens

Hannah, unm. in 1770.


{In closing this part, I wish to add that outside of wills and deeds, the information here given was chiefly extracted from the Chelmsford town records for an entirely different purpose, and that my copying stopped when that purpose was served. In consequence of this there are missing marriages and, no doubt, births and deaths, on the aforesaid records which would have been taken had the present undertaking been in mind. Who can supply the missing matter?}


PART IV., GROUP III.: {Parker of Chelmsford and Groton.}


CAP. JAMES PARKER, supposed to have been a bro. of 1st Abraham of Group I., and of the 1st .Jacob of Group II., was early at Woburn, where he m. and where the first four of his chn. were b. He was one of the three purchasers, in 1652, of the great “Dudley Farm” in Billerica, and res. there three or four years, but soon rem. to Chelmsford. He took a prominent part in both places. At some time after the birth of his s. Eleazer, in 1661, he rem. to Groton, where he was long the town‘s foremost citizen—a large landholder, captain, selectman, 1662, and many years afterward, and otherwise much occupied. He m. (1), May 23, 1643, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Long of Charlestown, and (2), before 1697, and in his old age, Mrs. Eunice (Brooks) Carter. The latter survived him and afterward m. John Kendall.

     Cap. James d. in 1700, between May 21, the date of his will, and Aug. 7, when it was proved. He bequeathed to his w. Eunice, his daus., Elizabeth “Gary” (or

[p. 536]

Geary, or as I understand the modern form to be Gerry), Anna Blood and Sarah Parker; to Elizabeth Parker, dau. of his s. Zachariah, and Abiel Parker, dau. of his s. Joshua. He stated that his sons had already been provided for and then gave a certain residue of property to his gr.-chn. in equal shares. The latter numbered about 40, and their sales of their respective shares, in future years, cover divers pages in the county records, and as several perplexities are thereby presented, the writer will soon devote a separate article to the case.

Cap. James’ chn. were:

Elizabeth, b. Mch. 12, 1645; m. Samuel Geary of Roxbury.

Anna or Hannah, b. Jan. 5, 1647; m. Nathaniel Blood of Groton.

John, b. Jan. 18, 1649.

Sarah, b. Aug. 29, 1650; d. Oct. 15, 1651.

James, b. about 1652.

Josiah, b. about 1653.

Samuel, b. about 1656.

The last three were probably b. in Billerica. The following in Chelmsford:

Joshua, b. Mch. 23, 1658.

Zachariah, b. Jan. 14, 1659.

Eleazer, b. Nov. 9, 1661.

Sarah, b. Dec. 12, 1697.

The last child, b. in Groton, was dau. of Cap. James’ second w. She was living in Woburn, unm., in 1717.




JOHN(2) [James(1)] was in Groton in 1670, but d. in Malden (perhaps only a temporary home) before Apl. 7, 1679, when his f. was appointed administrator of his estate. In the modern copy of the Middlesex County Court records a specific statement of their relationship may be found at page 270 of Vol. III. (see also p. 278). The inventory of his estate mentions his “wife and child.” Who was the w. and who the child?


JAMES(2) [James(1)] res. in Groton. He m. Dec. 11, 1678, Mary(2) Parker [Abraham(1)]. Both parents were slain by Indians July 27, 1694, and as his bro. Capt. Josiah stated to the General Court, “several” of their chn. were “carried away captives.” Of these, Phineas was a prisoner for four years, but who the other captives were, or how long they were held, does not appear. All are accounted for and were at liberty in subsequent years, except Abraham, and the fact that he was not mentioned in any legal proceedings leads to the belief that he d. in child­hood, before or during the captivity. Chn.:

Mary, b. Sept. 21, 1680; m. John Pierce of Woburn.

Samuel, b. Sept. 22, 1682.

Phineas, birth not found.

James, b. Mch. 24, 1686-7.

Abraham, b. Jan. 4, 1690 {(see above)}.

Rebecca, birth not found; m. Jabez Kendall of Woburn. (For proof con­cerning these chn. see Middlesex Deeds 14-256 and 28-140.)


JOSIAH(2) [James(1)] res. in Groton until 1687 or later; was an inn-holder in Woburn in 1693-95, rem, to Cambridge in 1696 and afterward res. there. He was a cap. in active service, selectman, and otherwise prominent. After the d. of his f., he easily took the place as the leading member of the family, and was abundantly trusted for his honesty, prudence and good judgment. As executor of his f.‘s will, he had the task—and it was one of delicacy—of dividing the testator ‘s residual property among his numerous gr.chn. He m., May 8, 1678, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Saxon or Sexton of Boston, who survived him. His will was dated July 6, 1731, and proved Aug. 5, following. Chn.:

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 31, 1679; m. Samuel Livermore.

John, b. Apl. 13, 1681; d. at sea before May 12, 1729. --corrected - was 1792--

Sarah, b. May 1, 1683; m. (1) Stephen Cooledge, (2) Nicholas Fessenden.

Simon, b. Aug. 27, 1687; probably d. young. (Butler’s Groton calls this child a s. of Joseph(2) [Joseph(1)]. I place him here as found in printed records of Groton.)

Susanna, birth not found.

Josiah, birth not found; d. at sea, before May 12, 1729, when his bro. Thomas administered on his estate and that of their bro. John, jointly.

William, probably d. young.

[p. 538]

Ann, m. William Warland.

Mary, bap. Dec. 11, 1698; m. Thomas Dana.

Thomas, bap. Dec. 15, 1700.


SAMUEL(2) [James(1)] lived in Groton. He d. before Nov. 12, 1712, when his sons James and Samuel were appointed administrators of his estate. He m. Abigail, dau. of John Lakin, who m. (2) Feb. 7, 1721, Robert Dickson or Dixon. Chn.:

James, b. Apl. 28, 1686.

Robert, b. Apl. 2, 1688; probably d. in childhood.

Samuel, birth not found.

John, birth not found.

Abigail, b. Aug. 22, 1696; m. Thomas Tarbell.

Jonathan, birth not found.

Rachel, birth not found; perhaps m. Obadiah Sawtell.

Eunice, b. Mch. 11, 1705; m. Josiah Boyden.


JOSHUA(2) [James(1)] was of Groton and d. before Oct. 6, 1691. He m. Sept. 22, 1690, Abigail (Shattuck) Morse, wid. of Jonathan Morse and dau. of William Shattuck. She d. before Sept. 12, 1694. Child:

Abiel, birth not found; m. George Harrington.


ZACHARIAH(2) [James(1)] res. in Groton; was selectman and was killed by Indians July 27, 1694, on the same day that his bro. James met with the same fate. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Page. Chn.:

Elizabeth, b. Apl. 10, 1686; m. Aaron Boardman of Cambridge.

Edward, b. Apl. 23, 1688; d. in childhood.

Benjamin, b. Aug. 18, 1690; d. in childhood.


ELEAZER(2) [James(1)] lived in Groton. He m. (1) Mehitable, supposed to be dau. of Elizeas and Hannah (Hawkins) Barron, the mo. of his first child; (2) Elizabeth ____, probably mo. of the other Chn.; {This is in error. Please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper for more on this family.} and (3) Mary ____. The latter survived him and m., Jan. 3, 1707-8, John Nutting, Jr.

Lieut. William Tyng, in a petition bearing date June 26, 1705 (see “History of Dunstable,” p. 35), stated that, of men he had recently had in service, Eleazer Parker (res. not given) was one of the “lost” and had left a wid. and several chn. This clew has not been followed further. Eleazer of Groton left a will dated Mch. 13, 1704-5, which had not been proved in 1732, although filed. The wid. Mary petitioned Oct. 16, 1716. for the appointment of the eldest s. as administrator. Chn.:

Anna, b. Apl. 17, 1686; m. Daniel Billings of Concord.

Eleazer, b. Sept. 25, 1695.

Mary, b. July 21, 1697; living Nov. 5, 1716, but not accounted for further.

Zachariah, b. Jan. 29, 1699.

[p. 537]

Thomas, b. Dec. 7, 1700; living in 1716, but not traced.

Mehitable, b. June 6, 1702; m. John Hosmer.

Elizabeth, b. May 21, 1704; m. Samuel Fisk.






SAMUEL(3) [James(2), James(1)] early left Groton. The confusion which has existed regarding him and his bro. James and their cousins Samuel and James [sons of Samuel(2)] makes it necessary to present proof of connections as far as possible.

Samuel Parker of Boston, with w. Mary, sold in 1707, to his “brother” Phineas Parker, his rights in the estate of their f., James Parker, late of Groton (deed 14, p. 256), and Oct. 22, 1728 (deed 29, p. 156), Samuel Parker of Coventry, Conn., sold his rights in the estate of “my grandfather, Cap. James Parker” of Groton. Evidence will be given later to show that as his cousin Samuel remained in Groton, it must have been this Samuel who was in Coventry. At Boston, in the manuscript records of the First Church, I find that Samuel Parker was admitted a member July 26, 1702. Three chn. of “Samuel and Mary” are entered in the town record of births, and they were promptly bap. in the First Church. Further, the church records show that, Jan. 23, 1709-10, Samuel Parker was dismissed to the church in Stonington, Conn. Next the printed records of Stonington Church, though they do not have any notice of his being admitted, contain this item under date of Feb. 26, 1710: “Samuel Parker‘s dismission was publicly read.” Soon after this the town records of Coventry begin to show the birth of chn. to Dea. Samuel and Mary Parker, and finally we have the death there, of Dea. Samuel Parker, Oct. 30, 1775, in his 94th year. The Samuel we are tracing began his 94th year Sept. 22, 1775. There seems no need of argument to prove identity. Chn.:

Samuel, b. Mch. 6, 1704, in Boston, m., in Coventry (?) Experience ____.

Mary, b. June 26, 1706, in Boston.

James, b. July 13, 1708, in Boston; m. (1), Coventry, Tabitha Strong and (2) Elizabeth Skinner.

John, b. July 21, 1714, in Coventry.

Esther, b. May 28, 1716, in Coventry.

Phineas, b. Feb. 12, 1719, in Coventry; m. there Martha Meraugh.

Joseph, b. Nov. 2, 1723, in Coventry; m. Racheal ____.

(Who was Mary, w. of Dea. Samuel, and were there other Chn.? The skip from 1708 to 1714 is suggestive of missing names.)

{Please see “Answer to Note 694” at the end of this paper for more on this family.}


PHINEAS (3) [James(2), James(1)] res. in Groton. His boyhood had its tragedy. Both of his parents were butchered by Indians when he was but a few years old and on the same occasion he was carried into captivity and held by the savages until ransomed four years later. He was, it was said, ever after lame from injuries received at the hands of his captors. He m. (1) Abigail , who d. Feb. 4, 172--. She was doubtless Abigail Scripture, b. Jan. 28, 1686-7, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Scripture. This opinion is based on Middlesex deeds,{three in number, pages 155, 156, and 157 of vol. 21. It is a series of Scripture deeds,} and by the last thereof, Phineas Parker and Eleazer Lawrence (who probably m. Mary Scripture, sis. of Abigail) convey the homestead of Samuel Scripture to his son Samuel on the condition that they should never be at any expense for the support of Samuel, Sr., or his w.  Phineas m. (2) June 14, 1722, at Woburn, Elizabeth Bowers of Lancaster, who survived him. He d. Aug. 13, 1744. Chn.:

Phineas, b. Nov. 22, 1709; m. Mary Kemp.

Abigail, b. Sept. 19, 1711; m. Jonathan Child.

Mary, b. Jan. 31, 1713-14; m. John Page.

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 17, 1715; m. Jason Russell.

Leonard, b. June 3, 1718; m. Abigail Parker(4) [James(3), Samuel(2), James(1)].

Sarah, b. Nov. 27, 1719; m. William Farwell.

Esther, b. Jan. 23, 1721-2; m. Shebuel Hobart.

Eunice, b. Apl. 1, 1725; m. Joseph Shepley.


JAMES(3) [James(2), James(1)] went, when a young man, to Lynn, Mass., and thence to North Yarmouth, ME. Middlesex deeds relating to him, are very valuable, as he has been confounded with his cousin James [s. of Samuel(2)]. In 1718 (deed. 22-312) his uncle, Josiah(2) Parker, administrator of the estate of Cap. James(1) Parker, deeded 144 acres of land in Groton to him, using in part these words: “For and in consideration of a legacy given to James Parker, now of Lynn, ... by his grf., James Parker aforesaid, and likewise in full of his

[p. 539]

portion left to him of his f.’s estate, James Parker, late of Groton.” This land James(3) sold undivided in 1723 (deed 22-379) when he was in North Yarmouth. He also joined in a deed (28-140) in 1722 with his sis. Mary and Rebecca in conveyin­g to their “brother Phineas Parker,” their rights in the estate of “our father” James Parker and Mary, his w., “dau. of Abraham Parker.” He was then of the last named town. This evidence as to his identity is unimpeachable. The North Yarmouth Magazine by Corliss, says in substance, James Parker came from Lynn to North Yarmouth about 1719. He was a cap. an inn-holder and a selectman. “He m., probably, Sarah Ireson of Lynn, published Dec. 4, 1714.” (Benjamin Ireson of Lynn had a dau. Sarah and Sarah Parker named her second s. Benjamin.)

Cap. James Parker d. Feb. 4, 1731-2 in his 42d year, according to Corliss. This does not agree with his actual a., but the evidence is too strong to be overthrown by a clerk‘s or stone-cutter‘s error. Chn.:

Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1715; m. Benjamin Ingersoll.

Elizabeth, b. Apl. 21, 1718; m. George Drinkwater.

Sarah, b. Oct. 14, 1720; m. William Ingersoll.

Ruth, b. Feb. 14, 1723; m. John Day.

James, b. May 2, 1725; m. Sarah Ingersoll.

Benjamin, b. July 11, 1727; m. Lydia Winslow.

Esther, b. June 29, 1729; m. Benjamin Fogg.

Rebecca, b. Nov. 5, 1731; d. Nov. 3, 1739.


JOSHUA(3) [Josiah(2), James(1)] res. for a short time in Cambridge, but rem. before 1714 to Sudbury. Sales by him are on record in 1717, 1722, 1726, and after the death of his bros., he sold to his f., Cap. Josiah (deed 27-283), his rights in the estates of said bros. and also his claim against the estate of his grf., Cap. James Parker. He m. (1), June 15, 1712, Mary, a dau. of Nicholas Fessenden of Cambridge, who d. at Sudbury Mch. 16, 1714-15, and (2) Parnel ____. His death is not found, but one Parnel Parker, perhaps his wid, m. Uriah Moore at Sudbury, Jan. 2, 1742. Chn.:

Mary, bap. Oct. 12, 1712, at Cambridge.

Elizabeth, b. Feb. 23, 1713-4, at Sudbury.

Josiah, b. Apl. 19, 1717.

John, b. Mch. 15, 1718-19.

Hannah, b. Sept. 14, 1721.

Susanna, b. Dec. 23, 1723.

Sarah, b. July 14, 1726.

Jerusha, b. Dec. 31, 1728; d. Apl. 10, 1732.


THOMAS(3) [Josiah(2), James(1)] was long minister at Dracut. He m. Lydia, dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Bates) Richardson of Chelmsford. Dates are here lacking. By his will executed Dec. 19, 1764, he gave to his w. Lydia, to his sons, Mathew, John and Jonathan, daus., Lydia Whiting, Elizabeth Parker, Lucy Abbott, and Sarah Martin; and to Nathaniel, Lydia, Dorothy, Thomas, Robert, and Mary, chn. of his s. Thomas, and Elizabeth, William, Mary and Jonathan, Chn. of his s. William. Who can give birth dates of his chn.?


JAMES(3) [Samuel(2), James(1)] res. in Groton. He has been confounded by one writer with his cousin James(3) [James(2), James(1)]. Evidence has been given to show that the cousin lived elsewhere. The James of this section d. Jan. 21, 1748-9, “in his 63d year.” This is an exact fit but would not apply to the other James. Again there is a chain of deeds on record too numerous to quote, which are too clear to be doubted. James (and his w. Abigail) and his bro. Samuel (and w. Deborah) jointly sold land, which seems to be the same, in part, that their grf., Cap. James, deeded to their f., Samuel, and there is evidence in other deeds. James m. Abigail, dau. of Cap. Jonas Prescott, who survived him, and was doubtless the Abigail who d. Aug. 14, 1751, a. 63 years, 3 months, 6 days. James in his will

[p. 54O]

remembered his w. Abigail, sons Peter, James, and Jonas, his daus. “Emme” Stone, Submit Woods, Abigail Parker and Ann Parker, and his grs. Silas Parker Barron. Chn.:

Sybil, b. June 18, 1712; m. Stephen Barron.

Emma, b. Sept. 23, 1713; m. Benjamin Stone.

Submit, b. Sept. 10, 1715; m. (1) Timothy Whitney, (2) Reuben Woods.

Abigail, b. Mch. 19, 1717; m. Leonard(4) Parker [Phineas(3), James(2) James( 1)].

Peter, b. Aug. 6, 1719; m. Prudence, dau. of Eleazer and Mary (Scripture?) Lawrence.

Anna, b. Nov. 16, 1720; m. ____ Woods. (Nathaniel ?)

James, b. Feb 20 1722-3; d. Jan. 29, 1748-9, eight days after his f.‘s death, his heirs being his bros. and sis. {For more on James, please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper.}

Jonas, b. Mch. 25, 1727; d. before 1759, his heirs being his bros. and sis.

Silas, bap. Feb. 23, 1728-9; d. early.


SAMUEL(3) [Samuel(2), James(1)] res. in Groton, and held land inherited from his f. He m. (1) Deborah, (dau. of Cap. Jonas Prescott, who d. Sept. 27, 1724, {For discussion of this death date, Please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper.} and (2) Jan. 18, 1724-5, Sarah Houghton of Lancaster. She d. Aug. 21, 1760, in her 69th year. Samuel was in Marlboro for several years following 1718, but returned to Groton. His death is not found. Chn.:

Samuel, b. Sept 28, 1715; m., according to one of my notes, the origin of which I do not place, Mary Larkin, and res. in Hollis, N. H.

Susanna, b. Apl. 1, 1717; m. Simon Pierce.

Simon, b. Apl. 30, 1719; m. Mary ____. {Please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper for more on this family.}

Rebecca, b. Mch. 5, 1721-2; (1720-1 ?).

Solomon, b. Sept. 26, 1722; m. Hepsibeth ____. {Please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper for more on Solomon’s wife.}

Sarah, b. Dec. 2, 1725, m. John Tarbell.

Jane, b. Apl. 27, 1728.

Deborah, b. Aug. 25, 1731.

Lemuel, b. Feb. 3, 1734-5; m. Betty Nichols.


JOHN(3) [Samuel(2), James(1)] res. in Groton until after 1737. His later history has not been learned, he m. Joanna Ames. Chn.:

John, b. Dec. 12, 1719.

Robert, b. June 20, 1720; probably m. Deborah Hubbard.

Jerusha, b. June 20, 1725.

Sarah, b. June 8, 1727.

Beulah, b. Oct. 10, 1729.

Jonathan, b. Dec. 1, 1732.

Relief (twin), b. Dec. 1, 1732.

Deborah, b. June 4, 1736.

Oliver, b. Feb. 23, 1738. (Did he marry Jane Nutting?)


JONATHAN(3) [Samuel(2), James(1)] was of Groton. He m., Oct. 27, 1720, Sarah Pierce. Butler’s “Groton” says that both d. Sept. 21, 1723. His bro. Samuel was appointed administrator Nov. 8, 1723. He left a child of which Ephriam Pearce (so spelled) was guardian. Child:

Jonathan, b. Jan. 1, 1722.


ELEAZER(3) [Eleazer(2), James(1)] res. in Cambridge. He m., Mch. 24, 1719-20, Hannah Humphrey. He d. before Feb. 22, 1741, insolvent. Chn.:

Elizabeth, bap. May 21, 1721.

Hannah, bap. Mch. 17, 1722-3.

Mary, bap. Aug. 15, 1725; m. Joseph Grant.

Elizabeth, bap. June 29, 1727; m. Benjamin Cheney.

Sarah, bap. Apl. 13, 1729.

Eleazer, bap. Jan. 27, 1733-34.

Joseph and Benjamin, bap. Apl. 11, 1736.


[p. 541]

ZACHARIAH(3) [Eleazer(2), James(1)] was in Concord in 1722 when he sold “land given to me by the will of my grf., James Parker of Groton, deceased.” Assuming that all the items that follow refer to one man, he was in Sudbury in 1723, when he sold a house in Concord which was formerly that of Samuel Fletcher. Again of Concord, 1725, when he purchased land of Zachariah Davis. Still there in 1729, when he sold his rights in land given by the General Court to soldiers who served under Cap. Lovewell. At Weston is found the marriage, Aug. 11, 1732, of Zachariah Parker and Rebecca Parks. The probate papers in 1734, relating to Richard Parks of Concord, show that he had a dau. Rebecca, w. of Zachariah Parker.

{Please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper for more on this family.}


PART VI., Group IV.: {Parker of Chelmsford and Groton.}


JOSEPH PARKER, supposed to have been a bro. of Abraham, Jacob and James, {who respectively stand at the head of the three previous groups,} is first found in Chelmsford. His first six chn. are recorded there. His w. Margaret was admitted to the church in that town on a date believed to be June 11, {1656}. Another entry in Rev. John Fisk’s note is as follows: “Joseph Parker’s w. and her chn. dismissed to the church in Groton” May 28, 1665. The latter town was his home for some years, but he rem.—perhaps about 1673— to Dunstable. The “Shattuck Genealogy” says he was constable there from 1675 to 1682. As early as 1684 he again located in Chelmsford and perhaps res. there continuously until his d. He was of Chelmsford in 1684 when he deeded (26-459) land to his dau. Anna, still there 1688 when he sold land to John Alexander, and there July 24, 1690, when he sold to Richard Stratton. His d. followed soon after the last date, if the Probate papers are right in saying he d. in 1690. There is other evidence to corroborate the last statement, but no visible step was taken to settle his estate until the inventory was taken Dec. 25, 1697. The next month, Jan. 25, Samuel Goodkin of Cambridge, was appointed administrator with Daniel Champney and Israel Cheever of the same place, as sureties. Joseph had left many hundred acres of land, situated in Chelmsford, Groton and Dunstable, and final settlement was long delayed. In 1714 Goodkin asked to be discharged from his office and Joseph Parker of Groton, “the only son,” was appointed in his place. As late as 1729 one of his grs. did not consider the estate as fully settled, as is shown by his petition. Strikingly contradictory statements have been made as to who was the mo. of such of Joseph‘s chn., as were b. before 1667. “Savage” naturally confused by contradictory evidence gives the list of chn. twice with slight variations. Once he gives all to w. Margaret. In the other case he has Joseph marry Rebecca Reed, June 24, 1655, which would make her the mo. after that date, although he qualified this by saying that the mo. of one of the chn. is given as Margaret. Before I knew of this complication I copied from the Chelmsford records with Margaret as the mo. of all, and the “Shattuck Gene­alogy” says the same. Yet the name of Rebecca Reed would not down and more modern writers, clearly proceeding without investigation, have given her as the mo.

In analyzing the case, I have not had access to the Chelmsford town records, but from the county records I learn these facts: First, when the birth of the second John was entered the parents are given as Joseph and Margaret, and as Jacob Parker was then town clerk, it is to be supposed that he knew the name of his putative bro.‘s w. Second, recourse being had to the original county record (not the modern copy) it was found that in the m. of Rebecca Reed the name of her husband was plainly written Joseph Parker, but the town clerk was not then Jacob Parker, but Simon Tompson. Third, the first entry after the m. is the birth, Aug. 10, 1657, (thirteen months after the m.) of Mary, dau. of Joseph Parkis. Then, later, we have the birth, Aug. 14, 1659, of Rebecca, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca Parks; then, Jan. 12, 1660-1, of Joseph, s. of Joseph and Rebecca Parkis, and, Mch. 11, 1665, of Abigail, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca Parkis. Deeds show that there was in Chelmsford a Joseph Parkhurst whose

[p. 542]

name was often misspelled Parkis and Parkes by early recorders. It seems that the above family was his. In view of these facts, probably long known to those familiar with Parkhurst history, it is submitted that Rebecca Reed m., not Joseph Parker, but Joseph Parkhurst. The clerk may have written “Parker” in his return to the County recorder through lack of acquaintance with Mr. Parkhurst, or what is more likely have written Parkes, and the recorder have misread Parker. When in Chelmsford I found no Joseph Parker marriage in that period, and I am strongly of the opinion that if Rebecca Reed‘s marriage is there, her husband‘s name is given as Parkhurst (or Parkes) [HWJ 1999 - found as: PARKIS (see also Parkhurst), Joseph, and Rebeckah Read, at Concord, June 26, 1656. (June 24. CT. R.)].

Despite the repetition of this mistake by some writers, Rebecca may be dis­missed from the Parker family and Margaret be accepted as the mo. of the chn. b. to Joseph in the early part of his life. She, however, was not the mo. of certain other chn. b. in a later period. He m. (2) Hannah ____, and after his d., she m. at Concord, Robert Blood, Sr., of that town [HWJ 1999 - Hannah Parker and Robert Blood, sr. of Concord, at Concord, Jan. 8, 1690(-1).].

In 1701 (Middlesex deed 13-64) Robert Blood deeded lands in Groton to “my chn, the daus. of Hannah, my w., viz.: Elizabeth Parker and Margaret Parker.” (At this time Joseph(2) Parker was living.) Again, Sept. 30, 1684 (deed 13-196), Joseph Parker, Sr., and w. Hannah, sold lands. This proves that he then had a w. of that name. After the above two daus. were m., they quit-claimed to Benjamin Parker of Groton (their half-nephew) their rights in the estate of their f., Joseph Parker, late of Chelmsford (deed 41-472). At Chelmsford is found the m., Nov. 19, 1684 [HWJ 1999 - 1683], of Joseph Parker and Hannah Bank. {(Concerning this name see below.)} Unless there is an error of date this was not Joseph(1), for his above sale with w. Hannah was Sept. 30, six weeks before the m.; yet I cannot doubt that it was .Joseph(1) who m. as above. Probably the m. was earlier than the record says. [HWJ 2001 - In fact it was a year earlier than W.H.M.A. thought it was.]  Next, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph and Hannah Parker, was b. in Chelmsford Dec. 4, 1684, but of Margaret‘s birth I find no sign. It is clear that Joseph m. two wives, first Margaret ____, and second Hannah ____. (Compare with the m. record of Joseph, Jr.)

The name Bank, given previously, needs explanation. In the early days of Chelmsford appeared a certain couple whose surname, under the hands of contem­poraneous recorders, was blessed with a fantastic and varied orthography. Rev. John Fiske, probably the most reliable authority by far, spelled the name Balke. Lesser lights wrote it Bank, Bawk and Bawke. John d. July 5, 1683, and in the Probate papers his name is three times spelled Back, and never anything else; yet the maker of the Probate index now in use, entered him on its pages as John Buck. Other modern writers have done their share to the orthographical epidemic. One of John’s daus. m. William Powers, it is said, and the genealogy of that family, calls her “Mary Bank (or Bauk).” Another dau. m. John Graves and the Graves genealogy names her “Sarah Banks.” There was also a dau. Hannah, b. May 7, 1666. Is it not likely that it was not she, but her mo., Hannah Balke (or Bank), who m. Joseph Parker in 1684? [HWJ 1999 - 1683] On the reverse side of one of the Probate papers, relating to John Back, is entered the receipt of a small sum from Joseph Parker, under date of June 18, 1684. This was five months before the m. as the latter is found [HWJ1999 - actually 7 mo. after the m.]. Hannah, wid. of Joseph Parker, after her m. to Robert Blood and his death, remained wid. Blood until her own decease, Dec. 13, 1716. Thomas Estabrook, her s.-in-law, was appointed administrator of her estate Dec. 31, 1716.

Chin. of Joseph and Margaret Parker:

Joseph, b. Mch. 30, 1653.

Anna, b. Feb. 2, 1655; d. early.

Mary, b. Oct. 28, 1657; not accounted for.

John, b. July 31, 1659; d. Oct. 8, 1660.

John, b. Nov. 24, 1661. (In 1714 his bro. Joseph was called “the only son” of their f.)

[p. 543]

Anna, b. Nov. 16, 1663; m. Zachariah Sawtell (see Middlesex deeds, Vol. XXVI., p. 459, and Vol. XXVII., p. 325).

Sarah, b. Nov. 16, 1666, at Groton, said to have d. Sept. 15, 1704.

-       Chn. of Joseph and Hannah Parker:

Elizabeth, probably b. Dec. 4, 1684, in Chelmsford; m., Concord, Dec. 18, 1707, Thomas Estabrook.

Margaret, birth not found; m. (at Charlestown ?), 1705, John Barrett, both called of Chelmsford.


{Following material not yet verified in Boston Transcript.}


PART VII., Group IV.:




JOSEPH(2) [Joseph(1)] was in Chelmsford with his f., Feb. 15, 1676, when, as they were riding together, were ambushed and fired upon by hostile Indians. They escaped by hard riding, but the son was severely wounded in the arm. (Coll. N. H. Hist. Soc., Vol. III., p. 97.) He settled in Groton. He profited more than his f. by the latter‘s large land acquirements, and not only supplied his four sons but sold largely to others. As much mystery surrounds his m. life as was the case with his f. When in the morning of genealogical quest in this state, Butler published his History of Groton, he stated that Joseph m. (1) Elizabeth ____; and (2), Nov. 19, 1684, Hannah Blood. The latter definite m. is not to be found on record. It is a peculiar fact that this date is precisely that of the m. in Chelmsford of Joseph Parker (supposed to be his f. and Hannah Bank). Unless such a m. is on record the statement thereof may be accounted for by supposing that Mr. Butler saw the Chelmsford m. and assumed that Bank [HWJ1999 - recorded as Bake] was a clerical error for Blood. If he knew of the petition to be mentioned below, and he probably did, the grounds of his theory can be surmised. As to the alleged first m., where is the evidence that Joseph Parker ever had a w. Elizabeth? In Butler’s “Groton” Joseph’s earliest chn. are given as follows:

Sarah, b. Nov. 16, 1666.

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 31, 1679.

Simon, b. Aug. 27, 1687.

Of these Sarah was not Joseph’s dau., but his sis. and only thirteen years his junior. Elizabeth is given by Butler, both as dau. of Joseph and of his cousin Josiah Parker. The writer has not present access to the town records of Groton, but in the vital statistics of that town printed in Green’s Historical Series, and copied from the county records, both Elizabeth and Simon are given as chn. of Josiah and Elizabeth Parker. This Josiah .was the cousin mentioned above and a s. of Cap. James Parker. It seems, therefore, that we must drop Elizabeth and Simon from the list of Joseph’s chn. If this is done what becomes of his alleged w., Elizabeth? I find no trace of such a w. and unless it can be asserted that she does appear in the Groton town records, or other records of that day, I shall prefer to believe that she existed only through the force of the error just de­scribed. Butler, through a slip, believed that he had chn. b. to “Joseph and Elizabeth.” If this had been true, the fact that there was a w. Elizabeth would be proved, but according to the county record, they were chn. of Josiah and Elizabeth, entirely different persons. I believe that Elizabeth, w. of Joseph, never existed. Next, as to w. Hannah, Mr. Butler says that Joseph Parker and Hannah Blood were m. Nov. 19, 1684 (see above), but in a very full list of marriages in Gorton, chronologically arranged in another part of his history of the town, he does not include the m., nor is it in the list given in Green’s “Historical Series.” The exact date is not necessary to prove the m. Dr. Green considers the question of the alleged two wives at page 401 of the third volume of “Hist. Series,” and quotes a petition, in 1705, of Joseph Parker to the General Court relative to Isabel, wid. of Richard Blood of Groton. Joseph states that Richard “left three sons and one dau. whom I m. unto,” and requests permission to sell some of Isabel’s land that the proceeds might be applied to her needs, adding that he had kept her for about fourteen years. Concerning this petition Dr. Green says:

[p. 544]

“The paper shows that Joseph Parker’s first w. was Elizabeth, the youngest dau. of Richard and Isabel Blood.” I am unable to agree with this inference for these reasons: First, sundry writers who have said that Richard had a dau. Elizabeth, have said further that she m. Thomas Tarbell. Second, the above petition states that Richard left “one dau. whom I (Joseph Parker) m.” Third, Mr. Butler says that Joseph m. Hannah Blood. Fourth, if Joseph ever had a w. Elizabeth I must still think that Hannah is referred to in his petition, for if he took the mo. of a previous w. into his house with a second w. and her chn. and kept the mo.-in-law fourteen years, we must credit him and his living w. with a degree of generosity and kindness which was not common then, and would have but few parallels now. The present article assumes that Joseph had but one w., and that she was Hannah, dau. of Richard and Isabel Blood. Chn.:

Nathaniel, birth not found.

Joseph, b. Mch. 1, 1689.

Benjamin, b. Dec. 3, 1691.

John, b. Aug. 26, 1695.




NATHANIEL(3) [Joseph(2), Joseph(1)] res. in Groton. he acquired land in 1708 from his f. (deed 21-213) and in the same year from James Nutting. Nathaniel d. July 16, 1716. His wid. was first appointed to administer to the estate, but in 1718, at her desire, the duties of the office were transferred to Benjamin Parker. The final division was to five chn.: Nathaniel, William, Sarah, Lydia and Deliverance. Nathaniel, Sr., m. Lydia, dau. of James Nutting of Groton. She m. (2) Feb. 10, 1717-18, Josiah Sawtell. Chn.:

Sarah, b. Apl. 12, 1705; m. .Jeremiah Shattuck.

Nathaniel, b. May 7, 1727; m. Joanna Stephens, or Stevens.

William, b. July 28, 1709; d. July 18, 1712.

Lydia, b. Oct. 30, 1711; m. John Lakin.

Deliverance, b. July 28, 1714; m. William Blanchard of Dunstable.

William, b. Nov. 14, 1716 living in 1739, but evidently not in Groton, for when his f.’s estate was divided among the heirs at that time, William was represented by his “attorney” Benjamin Parker.


JOSEPH(3) [Joseph(2), Joseph(1)] lived in Groton, where he d. Nov. 26, 1753. He m., Jan. 24, 1715-16, Abigail, dau. of Obadiah and Hannah Sawtell. She d. Feb. 19 1787. The settlement of Joseph’s estate progressed through several years, and that of his wid. following in due time, we thus have a series of important probate papers. Chn.:

Mary, b. Oct. 12, 1716; m. William Longley.

Josiah, b. 1717; m Elizabeth ____.

Obadiah, b. Sept. 11, 1719; was in Cumberland, R. I., in 1754.

Joseph, b. Apl. 16, 1721; did not share in his f.’s estate in 1754.

Abigail, b. Feb. 27, 1722-3; m. John Blood.

Hannah, b. Oct. 14, 1724;  m. Josiah Holden.

Timothy, b. June 5, 1726; shared in the estate. (Was he of Lunenberg?)

Nehemiah, b. Dec. 2, 1727; did not share in estate.

Joshua, b. Jan. 25, 1729-30; a soldier at the a. of 17, and d. before July 29, 1748.

Ephriam, b. Mch. 25, 1732; m. Azubah Farnsworth.

Sarah, b. June 15, 1734; single Oct. 10, 1755, living and m. in 1787.

Tryphena, b. Apl. 15, 1736; m. Isaac Woods.

Sybel, b. Mch. 5, 1737; m. Nathaniel Lakin.

Zachariah, b. June 28, 1740, d. Aug. 27, 1740.


BENJAMIN(3) [Joseph(2), Joseph(1)] was of Groton. He d. Oct. 29, 1769. He m., Oct. 23, 1718, Mary Sawtell, who d. June 16, 1766, a. 66, perhaps his cousin and dau. of Zachariah and Anna (Parker) Sawtell, but not as has been stated in print, dau. of another Zachariah and w. Mary. {This is in error. Please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper for more on this family.} Benjamin’s will executed eleven days before his death, remembers his sons, Benjamin, Nathaniel and Amasa, his daus., Sarah Green, Mary Marshall and Anna Worchester, and his gr.-chn.,

[p. 545]

Diodema Parker, Patience Parker (dau. of Benjamin, Jr.) and Benjamin Parker, s. of Amasa. The testator’s s.-in-law, Jonas Marshall, was executor. chn.:

Benjamin, b. Aug. 4, 1719; m. Alice Woods, and was a res. of Hollis, N. H., in 1772.

Nathaniel, b. July 17, 1771; m. Eunice Lakin.

Amasa, b. Nov. 12, 1722.

Mary, b. May 7, 1728; d. Jan. 19, 1736.

Sarah, b. Jan. 27, 1731-2; m. Eleazer Green.

Mary, b. Jan. 30, 1737; m. Jonas Marshall.

Anna, b. July 12, 1748; m. Asa Worcester.


JOHN(3) [Joseph(2), Joseph(1)] lived in Groton for a time but was of Hollis, N. H., May 24, 1746, when he deeded to Abel Parker, his s., his rights in land in Groton, originally laid out to Richard Blood. He m., Nov. 29, 1715, Mary Bradstreet. {For more about Mary Bradstreet, please see “Note *694” at the end of this paper.} Where they d. has not been found. Chn.:

Gideon, b. July 11, 1719.

Mary, b. Apl. 7, 1722; said to have m. Thomas Fisk.

Abel, b. Jan. 17, 1724; m. Esther Shattuck.

Sarah, b. Apl. 14, 1726.

John, b. Oct. 13, 1728.


The births, marriages and deaths given in this compilation, as far as Groton is concerned, are mainly from Butler’s history of that town. As far as possible I have verified each family of children by reference to public records. Much time has been given to setting right the erroneous connections made by pervious writers, and in trying to establish correctly, in the necessary instances, the connection of other men who, as far as could he learned, had never been written of after their birth. A few of the marriages here allotted to members of the fourth generation, I have given on the authority of others, not being able in all cases to verify them readily.

In analyzing the history of the Groton Parkers I was impressed by the fact that when Obadiah Parker of Reading, whom I suppose to be Obadiah(3) [Na­thaniel(2), Thomas(1)], went from Reading, his birth place and the home of his ancestors, to Groton about 1726, he successively bought land in the latter town of John Parker, Joseph Parker and several other persons related to John and Joseph —all Groton men. The w. of Obadiah was Hannah. The Chelmsford records show the birth—1725—of Phineas, s. of Obadiah and Hannah Parker, presumably the same couple. Why did Obadiah leave his native place and go to the home town of the Chelmsford Parkers, and later to the home town of the Groton Parkers? Turn­ing to the partial genealogy of the Thomas Parker family of Reading, I found there the recorded tradition that Thomas was a bro. of the first Parkers of Chelmsford. Obadiah’s movements confirm the tradition. Is there other evidence?

In an account of the Parker family—which the writer is contributing to the Boston Transcript—mention has been made of the fact that, in his will Cap. James Parker of Groton left a certain residue of his property to his gr.-chn. These were forty or more in number, and no names are mentioned in the clause of the will under consideration. Some of these young persons seem to have received their shares from the administrator in cash and some in land. Of the latter class some sold at once, and others held their acquirements for personal use; some sold individually and in one instance, in 1713, (Middlesex deed 26-485) twelve of the gr.-chn. or their representatives, joined in one deed. As a rule all is easily under­stood in these transactions, but in other cases the identity of the grantors is not so clear. These beclouded cases will he taken up one by one.


Williams—Thomas Williams, Jr.. one of the five chn. of Thomas and Mary (Holden) Williams, b. in Groton, Mch. 17, 1666-7. m. probably about 1691, Eliza­beth ____, and had five chn. b. in Groton. He d. early, perhaps Aug. 4 (or 5), 1704, though this date has been widely given as the tine of his f.’s decease; and

[p. 546]

Elizabeth, his wid., m. second, Benjamin Swallow. She continued to res. in Groton. She and Mr. Swallow conveyed, Feb. 19, 1720, (deed 55-73) to Isaac Williams, her s. by her first husband, land devised to said Elizabeth by her “grf.,” Cap. James Parker. Now, who was Elizabeth? There are, because of their ages, only three of Cap. Parker’s chn. from whom she could descend. The three are as follows:

First, John Parker(2), b. in 1649, who d. in Malden before Apl. 9, 1679, leaving a wid. and one child. The name and sex of this child are alike unknown to the writer.

Second, Elizabeth Parker(2), b. in 1645, who m., Dec. 6, 1669, Samuel Gerry or Geary of Roxbury. This m. is on the Roxbury town records, so is the death Nov. 20, 1676, of one Elizabeth, w. of one Samuel Gerry. and so is the death, Oct. 12, 1715, of one Samuel Gerry. Savage accepted it as a fact that the Elizabeth who d. in 1676 was identical with Elizabeth (Parker) Gerry. The present writer, who knows but little of the Gerry family, finds no other contemporaneous Samuel, and the death of Cap. Parker’s dau. on that date would seem to be proved were it not for the fact that in his will, drawn May 21, 1700, Cap. Parker devises to his “Dau., Elizabeth Gary,” (not to her heirs, it will be seen). The clerical part of wills of that period was not always expressed with precision, but it is peculiar if there was in this testamentary document an explicit bequest to a woman who had been dead for so long a time as twenty-three years. The point is not of value in connection with this subject. No chn. of Samuel and Elizabeth appear on this Roxbury town records. Who can give said chn., if any there were, from church records or other sources?                                                    

Third, Anna or Hannah Parker(2), b. 1647. m., June 13. 1670, Nathaniel Blood of Groton. Chn.: Anna, b. Mch. 1, 1671; Elizabeth, b. Oct. 71673; Sarah, b. Apl. 17, 1675; Mary, b. Apl. 17, 1678; Nathaniel, b. Jan. l6, 1679; Joseph, b. Feb. 3, 1681; Ruth, probably; Abigail, perhaps. Here are three chn. of Cap. Parker, John, Elizabeth, and Anna, who on the score of their respective ages may have been parent to Elizabeth, w. of Thomas Williams. No evidence can be given to show that either John or Elizabeth had a dau. Elizabeth, but Anna did have such a child, and she was of due age to marry at the necessary time. It is therefore, submitted that the w. of Thomas Williams was Elizabeth Blood, b. Oct. 7, 1673.


Blanchard—In deed 26-485, before quoted, one of the grantor gr. chn. in 1713, of Cap. James Parker, is Anna Blanchard. In Groton in 1694 and after of four chn. of James and Anna Blanchard, and it seems probable in this case that she was Anna, the above grantor. It is true that Butler’s “Groton” says she d. Feb. 8, 1704, but this is an error. Her husband d. about that time, and Anna was appointed administratrix of his estate Oct. 28, 1707. The arguments presented concerning Elizabeth Williams will apply in most particulars to this case, and it is believed that Anna, w. of James Blanchard, was Anna, dau. of Nathaniel and Anna (Parker) Blood, b. Mch. 1, 1671. Her bro., Nathaniel Blood, Jr., was another of the grantors in the joint deed.


Sawtell—Another of the grantors in the joint deed was “Zachariah Sawtell, for his dau.” It is found that Zachariah and Mary Sawtell, had a dau. Mary, b. at Groton Apl. 11, 1697, probably their first child. It is believed that Mary, w. of Zachariah, was Mary Blood, b. Apl. 17, 1678, and dau. of Nathaniel and Anna (Parker) Blood. It is true that Zachariah appeared in the deed, not for his w. but for his dau., and that the dau. would not be a gr.-dau., but a gr.-gr.-dau. of Cap. James Parker; but in this case the heirship of Mary the child, may perhaps he accounted for logically. The writer may have more to say on this point at a future time. Mary Sawtell, the above dau. of Zachariah and Mary, m. John Blanchard of Dunstable, May 30, 1722, and May 29, 1729 (deed 28-508), they conveyed to Phineas Parker(3) [James(2), James(1)] their claims based on this will of Cap. James Parker, in respect of “a legacy to us or either or us.”

[p. 547]


Parker—Yet another of the grantors in the joint deed was Isaac Parker(3) [Isaac(2), Abraham(1)]. He was a gr.-nephew of Cap. James, and not being a grs. was not an heir in his own right. His mo. was Esther Fletcher, and of other ancestry. Isaac, however, had m. Ruth Blood, Dec. 16, 1708, and it was she who was gr.-child of Cap. Parker. Being a gr.-child, she was (unless we admit the highly improbable possibility that she was a wid. when she m. Isaac) an unrecorded dau. of Nathaniel and Anna (Parker) Blood. It is worthy of note that Nathaniel Blood had land from his f., Richard Blood, Mch. 1, 1682. Before that date all his chn., probably, were recorded; afterwards none are on record. Was this then acquired land located so much further from the inhabited center of the town, that he kept less intimately in touch with the village, and did neglect to have later chn. recorded result from this circumstance?


Lawrence—Another of the grantors in the joint deed was Zachariah Lawrence. He was, according to Dr. Bond, s. of Enoch and Ruth (Whitney) Lawrence and b. July 16, 1683. His heirship must have been in the right of his w., who was Abigail. Fifty years ago Dr. Bond wrote of Zachariah that he m., about 1707, Abigail, a gr.-dau. of Dea. James Parker of Groton. (Cap. Parker was also a deacon.). If anything more definite has since been learned the writer does not know of it. If about the same age as her husband, the mysterious Abigail may, as far as age goes, have been an unrecorded dau. of one of Cap. Parker’s sons. But studying the visible evidence it seems very improbable. If this conclusion be accepted we can but assume that she was a dau. of either Mrs. Elizabeth Gerry or Mrs. Anna Blood. Abigail’s chn. were: Zachariah, Ruth, Jeremiah, Josiah, Abigail, Elizabeth, Josiah, again, and Rachel. These names tell nothing of value. The first three are of Lawrence origin; Josiah was in honor of Cap. Josiah Parker(2) [James(1)] then markedly prominent, and why the name of Rachel appears is not certain. The sixth child, Elizabeth, may have been named for Elizabeth (Parker) Gerry, and the latter may have been either aunt or mo. to the mysterious Abigail; but it is not to be forgotten that Zachariah Lawrence himself had two aunts named Elizabeth. The name is no clew. Where shall we place Abigail? Was she the dau. of Elizabeth Gerry or Anna Blood or one of Cap. Parker’s sons? An account of the family of Samuel and Elizabeth Gerry would be welcome.


{The following was added 10 Nov 2001 from additional notes found in the Boston Transcript 1905.}


Answer to Note *694. Parker. Part V. W.H.M.A. April 18,1905. I noticed in this note the discussion of Samuel Parker and also the question of who the Mary was whom he married. As my notes show that he came from Stonington, his marriage would very likely be found there.


I have copied the following notes from the Land Records and hope they may be of some value.


Book 1, page 40. to Samuel Parker of Stonington, New London, 1713.

Page 233. “I, John Robeson, of ____ Coventry to my loving friend Samuel Parker.” 1721.

Book 1, page 231. He is now called Samuel Parker of Coventry. 1718

Book 1, page 332. Deeds of land sold in [obscured] “to Captain Samuel Parker.”

Book 1, page 416. Jonathan Russell of Barnstable sold land to Samuel Parker of Coventry, 1726.

Book 2, page 24. “I, Samuel Parker of Coventry for love of my son, Samuel Parker Jr. of Coventry,” 1728.

Book 2, page 74. “I, Samuel Parker of Coventry for love of my son, Jeams(sic) Parker of Coventry,” 1727.

Book 2, page 315. Samuel Parker Senior, “for love of my son James Parker.” 1735.

Book 3, page 515. “I, Samuel Parker late of Coventry, now of Lebanon, sell to Peter Bruster of Coventry.” 1741.

Book 3, page 215. Samuel Parker to his son Phenias Parker. 1742.

Book 3, page 221. Samuel Parker to his son John Parker of Coventry. 1743.

Book 3, page 529. “I, Samuel Parker to my son Joseph Parker.” 1744.

Book 6, page 289. “I, Joseph Parker of Coventry, administrator of the estate of Captain Samuel Parker late of Coventry, deceased.” 1778.

Book 6, page 470. Sarah and Samuel Parker sell land to John Howard of Windham. 1781 (The first Samuel is dead, this is of course the second one.)

Book 4, page 549. Samuel Parker, Jr., and Sarah his wife both of Coventry. “We sell all our rights in land” to Ebenezer Badcock. 1760.

Book 5, page 184. “I, James Parker sell to Samuel Parker, Jr., of Coventry.” 1764.

Book 5, page 218. Matthew Grover, Jr., and Lydia Grover his wife of Coventry, release all claim to one Honoria Lather, William Long’s estate to Samuel Parker, Jr., and Ebenezer Badcock, both of Coventry. 1763.




{The following appeared in the same issue.}


Note *694. Parker. Additions to Part V., April 18, 1905. I am indebted to F.M.P.W. for further facts concerning Zachariah(3) Parker (Eleazer 2, James 1). His first wife (born Rebecca Parks) died June 11, 1748, at Mansfield, Conn., and he married second, Oct. 26, 1748, Peace, Daughter of William Ames. Children:

Zachariah, b. Oct. 27, 1732, at Weston, Mass., m. Abigail Hall of Mansfield, Aug, 21, 1760.

Ephraim, b. Oct. 1, 1733, at Weston, m. Deborah Sargent, Feb. 3, 1757.

Rebecca, b. ____, m. Jonathan Davis, May 13, 1756, at Mansfield.

James, b. Aug. 18, 1740, in Dutchess County, N.Y., m. Mary Conant of Mansfield.

Mary, b. July 2, 1750.

Daniel, b. Oct. 5, 1751, d. Aug. 25, 1775.

Eleazer, b. March 10, 1753, m. Mary Royce of Mansfield.

Isaac, b. Feb. 24, 1755, m. Esther Marcy of Union.

Levi, b. Aug. 21, 1757.

Sarah, b. Nov. 17, 1759, m. John Dexter of Mansfield.

John, b. April 19, 1763, d. April 13, 1765.

Rachel, b. Feb. 2, 1767, m. David Barrows of Mansfield.

The last eight children were b. in Mansfield.


Concerning Eleazer(2) (James 1), a query, and later investigation on my part, leads me to believe that I erred in giving him three wives. An alleged wife Elizabeth was due, I think, wholly to my own mistake. His first wife was Mahitable, probably dau. of Elizeas Barron and mother of his first child; and the second wife, Mary ____, was evidently mother of the other children. I do not know that any biographical sketch has ever been printed of Eleazer. The first vol. of the Groton town records, which may be found, in print, in suitable libraries, shows that he held various town offices. I recall that he was constable, which fact is a guaranty that he was of good character; also that on one occasion he was selected to interview a man who was under consideration for a schoolmaster in Groton.

Part VII., May 16, 1905. A discrepancy might be inferred from my statement that Mary Sawtell, wife of Benjamin(3) Parker (Joseph 2,1), was “perhaps daughter of Zachariah and Anna (Parker) Sawtell, but not, as has been stated in print, dau. of another Zachariah and wife Mary,” and my further statement, April 12, 1905, under *7788, 3, Sawtell, that she was “probably” dau. of Obadiah Sawtell. The explanation is simple. The Parker article was written before my Sawtell sketch, and my critical study of the latter family was made in the interval. When I first wrote of her I was willing to concede as possible what is indicated in the above quotation, but I am now of another mind. Dr. Green, in his “Groton Epitaphs,” says that Mary, wife of Benjamin Parker, died June 16, 1766, in her 67th year (gravestone), and parenthetically adds that she was dau. of Zachariah and Mary Sawtell, and born April 11, 1697. As gravestones are notorious for their errors, the conflict between these two dates and her age might well be ignored, but not the following facts: The marriage of Benjamin Parker and Mary Sawtell is given as Oct. 23, 1718. At Groton, also, is found the marriage, May 30, 1722, of another Mary Sawtell and John Blanchard. We find that Zachariah(3) and Mary (Blood?) Sawtell had a dau. Mary, born April 11, 1697, and her father, in his will, signed March 14, 1731-32, bequeathed to his dau. Mary Blanchard. Clearly, then, Benjamin Parker’s wife was an entirely different person. But who was her father? Zachariah(2) Sawtell, father of Zachariah(3), had a dau. Mary, of whose birth I find no record, but Middlesex deed 27-354 shows almost positively that she was an heir, and, consequently, a dau. of the first wife of Zachariah(2), and, therefore, must have been born before 1679. She cannot, therefore, have been the wife of Benjamin Parker, for he was born Dec. 3, 1691. For his wife, we want a Mary Sawtell who, according to her gravestone, was born about 1699. We know that Obadiah Sawtell had three other children of whose birth nothing is found, and that he had children born before and after 1699; also that, in recorded children, there is a gap from 1697 to 1701. As I am wholly unable to find any other Sawtell who could have been father to Benjamin Parker’s wife, I believe, as I said in my Sawtell sketch, that she was “probably” a dua. of Obadiah. Joseph Parker, brother of Benjamin, married another of Obadiah’s daus.

Part VII., May 10, 1905. The wife of John(3) Parker (Joseph 2,1) was Mary Bradstreet. At least one earlier writer (see “Shattuck Genealogy”) has advanced the theory that she was the widow of Rev. Dudley Bradstreet. The suggestion is reasonable. Can anyone give evidence to corroborate it? In the record of Mr. Bradstreet’s marriage, the bride appears as Mary Wainwright. Who was she?

Part V., April 18, 1905. I gave the date of death of Deborah, Wife of Samuel(3) Parker (Samuel 2, James 1) as Sept. 27, 1724. A correspondent writes that, in an old family “tree” in her possession, the year is 1723. I had my date from Dr. Green’s “Groton Epitaphs,” and Deborah’s gravestone adds that she died “in her 30th year.” Butler’s “Groton” and the “Prescott Genealogy” both give her birth as March 5, 1694. Unless someone can give us the true form of this date (1693-4, or 1694-5), we cannot tell how her age agrees with her birth date, and I doubt if the original record at Groton is clear on this point. Until the gravestone inscription is challenged by a contemporaneous record or event, it must stand as the chief authority.

Part IX., May 24, and Part V., April 18, 1905. I am now able to say where I found the seeming double marriage of Solomon(4) Parker (Samuel 3,2, James 1). Butler’s “Groton,” page 484, in Pepperell records, has this: “Married, Dec. 12, 1752, Solomon Parker and Hepzibah Douglass.” Dr. Green’s “Groton Historical Series,” vol. 1., part xiii., page 52, says: “Married Dec. 12, 1752, Solomon Parker and Hepzibeth Longlie of Groton.” This is a copy of the return of the town clerk of Pepperell to the clerk of Groton. It would be difficult to say without investigation what the bride’s name really was.

Part V., April 18, 1905. Mary, wife of Simon(4) Parker (Samuel 3,2, James 1) was, according to Ward’s “History of Shrewsbury,” Mary, dau. of Asa and Martha (Eager) Bowker, born Feb. 27, 1723. By consulting the respective histories of Shrewsbury and Groton a full list of children may be found.

Part V., April 18, 1905. When James(4) Parker (James 3, Samuel 3, James 1) died, Jan 29, 1748-9, his estate passed to his brothers and sisters, giving the impression that he left no one else that was an heir; yet, I think this would be an erroneous conclusion. At Groton is found the marriage, Dec. 22, 1748, of James Parker, Jr., and Rebecca Bulkley. Also, March 13, 1750-1, the marriage of widow Rebecca Parker and Jonas Prescott, Jr. My recollection is that the will of John Bulkley shows that Rebecca was his dau.

A large number of letters have been received since the publication of my Parker article, and the interest it has aroused has  been very agreeable to me. This interest is a substantial reward to my labors.