Dyer Family


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Main Emigrants
  William and Mary Dyer came to Massachusetts before 1635. With Roger Williams, they founded Rhode Island in 1638. Mary Dyer became a Quaker and was hanged for this reason in Boston, June 1, 1660. Learn more about this interesting family using the links below.
Spelling the family name
  Dyer, Dyre
  • By the Name of Dyer, by William Allen Dyer, 1940.  This very difficult to find manuscript and has been graciously provided by Mr. Ken Brown. He has scanned the manuscript and a few of the pages are accessible via the link above.
  • Some Records of the Dyer Family, by Cornelia C. Joy-Dyer, 1884.
Web sites with Dyer information 
Info from the Jennings genealogy database
  • Descendant report following the male lines only (a one-name study). Woi
  • Descendant report following both the male and female lines. Woi
  • Enter into my database, starting with Col. Charles Dyer (will be William Dyer when I get him into the database ;-).